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Pew on human enhancements

Earlier this year, we wrote about the patent squabble over CRISPR and how that new tech/old laws fight (between researchers at two major research institutions) is playing out in the sadly outdated patent law system. This month, Pew Research took to the phone lines to see just how Americans feel about CRISPR (aka gene editing) […]

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Here are a few articles that did not act as a catalyst to stimulate an entire post but that tweaked our fancy enough that we wanted to share them with you. Think of them as “rescue items” if you have social anxiety and want to seem scintillating….or something like that. So have you seen this […]

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contempt from lie to me

You know contempt when you see it (usually) and you know contempt when you feel it (almost always). But what does contempt look like according to researchers? They call it “an emotional reaction when a person or a group violates one’s standards and one looks down on them with the tendency to distance and/or derogate […]

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Typical looking faces are not the most attractive in the view of others but they are the most trustworthy. This reminds us of the post we wrote a while back about how to appear intelligent, trustworthy and attractive when you need corrective lenses (i.e., wear rimless glasses). In this case, (published in the journal Psychological […]

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Pew on white aging in US

Pew Research often comes up with data-based pictures that tell us things we may have known, but in a very visual way.  Most of us have heard that minorities in the US will outnumber whites before long but this is a very clear depiction of how that is happening. When you look at the ages […]

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