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We are grateful for the recognition offered by our colleagues, peers, legal experts, and interested others.

January, 2011: Barry Barnett sends readers of Blawgletter to read The Jury Room.

“Blawgletter feels something else today.  The red face thing.  Blushing.  Because before now we hadn’t given you a link on our Blawgroll to one of the best blogs on juries, jury research, and jury trials:  The Jury Room. Our friend Doug Keene (of Keene Trial Consulting out of Austin, Texas) runs the thing, with ample help from Rita Handrich.”

December, 2010: The Sociable Lawyer votes for The Jury Room in ABA’s Blawg 100.

“This is another category that mostly deals with issues of law, which we don’t. That said, The Jury Room gets our vote. The Jury Room explores the psychology of persuasion as it applies to juries, and discusses strategies and implications for lawyers.”

December, 2010: The Jury Room makes the ABA Blawg 100 list for 2010!

“The Jury Room “wraps legal analysis, psychology and persuasion into edible, bite-size chunks,” writes Arlington, Va., lawyer Timothy Hughes. Here, litigation consultants Douglas Keene and Rita Handrich look inside the heads of potential jurors—who are all of us, really—and share what they find.”

October, 2010: The ABA Blawg Directory features The Jury Room on their front page.

September 22, 2009: The Jury Room is Blawg of the Day at Inter Alia (Tom Mighell’s site):

“The folks at Keene Trial Consulting are sharing their expertise with you at The Jury Room, a blog dedicated to understanding the American jury and trends in litigation strategy. This is definitely interesting to me, because I’ve never been able to understand the American jury. They’re discussing such topics as bias, case presentation, decision-making, the Internet and jurors, and much more.”