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The latest issue of The Jury Expert is a total classic!

Friday, August 16, 2013
posted by Rita Handrich

Classic-CarWhen I began as Editor of The Jury Expert and we moved to online only publishing in May of 2008, we didn’t know how popular the publication would become. Of course, we had hopes but we estimated our readership would top out at about half of what it is today. So now, naturally, we are hoping we will simply continue to grow and grow! (Please tell your friends, family, colleagues, judges, and opposing counsel about this wonderful and free litigation advocacy publication!)

Although all the issues of The Jury Expert are online, only those from May 2008 through the present are published in their entirety online. For older issues, you have to download the pdf to see what’s included. Until now.

We’ve noticed that as various events happen in the news or in the courtroom, some of our older articles get spikes in traffic. It’s happening more and more as we grow the size of our archives, drawing on what we think of as classic articles or what journalists call “evergreen” articles. We will always write articles based on current litigation issues in the news, but it will inevitably include articles that stand on their own over time.

So for this issue, we scoured the print versions of the old publication and found articles that are truly classics but that few have seen. Now you can. And with our internet indexing–as future visitors come looking for them–more and more of you will see them. It’s a good thing. Don’t miss out!

Here’s what you’ll find in the latest issue of The Jury Expert:

Classics: Everything Old Is New Again

This issue of The Jury Expert is filled with classic (aka timeless, charming, ever-useful, relevant, et cetera) articles from an earlier time. Read this introduction to see what classic TJE articles spiked as the verdict from the George Zimmerman trial came in.

Strategies for More Effective Voir Dire

Identification of juror bias is an ongoing challenge. Here’s a look at how life experiences and attitude formation build juror biases and how to engage jurors during voir dire from one of the pioneers in the profession.

Getting Beyond “Can You Be Fair?”: Framing Your Cause Questions

One of the challenges in effective voir dire (among many) is how to ask your questions of jurors to identify who really won’t be fair–but without asking it that way. Here’s a way to structure your questions to increase the strikes for cause.

Time to Rethink 3M?

We’ve all heard the statistics saying visual evidence is much more persuasive than verbal evidence. But is it based on anything of substance? An experienced visual evidence consultant says we should question what we think we know.

The “Why” and “How” of Focus Group Research

This one is written by Doug Keene so you will find it familiar-sounding. We do a lot of pretrial research on a wide variety of cases but one of the most popular formats is one some of our clients call “the one where Doug channels Oprah”. No, he doesn’t wear a wig or even heels.

Managing Hindsight Bias

Nothing could be more classic than hindsight bias. And we always get questions on how to manage it effectively. Here are some ideas from an experienced litigation consultant.

Knowing When and How to Indoctrinate

Are there times you should talk about your case in voir dire? Here are some ideas on how to get jurors comfortable, get them talking, practice your timing, and discuss damages from a trial consultant who also happens to be an attorney.

Favorite Thing: American Jury System- The Optimal Jury Trial Videos

Okay. So this one isn’t a classic! It’s brand new. But, destined to become a classic! And free which is why it’s our newest Favorite Thing. See videos of sessions from ABA’s 2012 National Symposium of the American Jury System: The Optimal Jury Trial.



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  1. The latest issue of The Jury Expert is a total classic! #Trial #Law

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