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Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman: The trial begins

Monday, June 10, 2013
posted by Douglas Keene

trayvon-martin_george-zimmerman_950pxMore than 15 months after Trayvon Martin was killed on February 26, 2012, voir dire and jury selection begins today. Media coverage of this case has been intense and the myths and misstatements surrounding the trial have been myriad. The Defense has made the decision to disclose many of their defenses to the media. This has resulted in even more coverage of the Defense-oriented perspective. Pretrial motions have been covered in great detail with live blogs on various networks and on the websites of various newspapers. Pretrial hearing continued over the weekend with arguments being heard related to the audiotape analysis by experts for both sides.

So today, finally, voir dire and jury selection begins. This process will undoubtedly be covered in great detail despite the actual identity of the jurors being kept private. While you will have ample reading choices covering (and recovering) every detail of this trial as it unfolds–we invite you to read our piece in The Jury Expert detailing social science research findings that could help craft the narratives of well-informed attorneys.

The article was published in May 2012 in response to the heavy media coverage and our curiosity as to what we would find in the literature to inform a case narrative for both Prosecution and Defense. We found a lot and much of it is scary stuff for those of us who like to believe we make conscious choices to behave in certain ways. As trial consultants, we often think of our work as the view from 10,000 feet. We want to understand the big picture and then zoom in to see the details that will confuse or enlighten jurors. We wrote this article to capture that view from 10,000 feet while keeping the details of the case in mind. We think you will find the article enlightening and perhaps disturbing.

The ‘Hoodie Effect’: George, Trayvon and How it Might Have Happened. The Jury Expert, May 29, 2012.


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