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It’s good to feel good: Guilty verdicts in seven 40-year-old civil rights trials

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
posted by Douglas Keene

There are times when it’s really good to feel good about what you do for a living. Sometimes, that comes from first-hand actions and behavior and sometimes it comes from an affiliation with someone else. This time, we want to just give some well-deserved applause to a couple of fellow trial consultants who have given exhaustively of their lives to see justice done.

Andy Sheldon and Beth Bonora have worked on the civil rights cases in Mississippi as they have been retried over the past number of years. Andy worked on all seven cases. Beth worked on three. What they contributed to was justice and it’s been chronicled in the new film Neshoba: The Price of Freedom. (See the movie trailer here.)

We admire what these two principled and experienced consultants have done. Justice (even forty years delayed) is a powerful outcome in cases that have long been a source of shame and a symbol of our nation’s racism. We hope you’ll visit the current issue of The Jury Expert and read the interview with Andy and Beth on the work, the process, the emotions, the exhilaration, and the fear of working for justice. And look for a location where this limited release film is being shown.  You will want to cheer the efforts of the lawyers, consultants, and citizens who would not allow these crimes to be forgotten.

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