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Between Coddling and Contempt: Managing and Mentoring Millennials

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
posted by Rita Handrich

The new issue of The Jury Expert is up and we have a second piece on Millennials in it!

When we wrote our original piece for the July 2010 issue: Tattoos, Tolerance, Technology, and TMI: Welcome to the land of the Millennials (aka Generation Y) there was simply too much information to cover both what we really know about the Millennial generation and what the research says about the work ethic and commitment of the Millennials. So we wrote this second piece to cover Millennials at work: Between Coddling and Contempt: Managing and Mentoring Millennials.

Once again, you’ll find a research-based presentation with (we hope!) a minimum of jargon to get in the way of practical application. We’ve covered what the research says and then take a look at what this means for both managers and Millennials themselves. We’ve made specific recommendations for both parties in the new workplace relationship and are open to hearing your comments and reactions either here or on The Jury Expert website.

As two Baby Boomers, it has been fascinating for us to see the parallels between our (admittedly hazy) recollections of our own initial entry to the workplace and the experience of Generation X and now that of Generation Y. It’s tough to see ourselves becoming [an improved version of] our own parents and that is what appears to be the position we Boomers find ourselves in. What is additionally intriguing is that we raised the Millennials. They are our children. We taught them to expect accommodation, to question authority, to challenge the status quo and to do what works for them. And now those birds have come home to roost. To paraphrase an old Jimmy Buffett song “they are the people we never warned ourselves about”. Or to paraphrase my mother when I said I wanted a strong-willed girl child—“I hope you get exactly what you wish for and then you will understand just how much fun that is!”.

Or to paraphrase some old wife somewhere—we made this bed…..

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