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What’s good for the goose….who is that striking man in red?

Friday, August 6, 2010
posted by Rita Handrich

You may recall our earlier blog post on the ‘secret weapon’ for women in court: wearing red. After that post, some of our readers had some questions.  Tim Hughes wondered if he could wear red in court and Jason Barnes found it interesting that both Santa Claus and danger came to mind when thinking of the color red. Mark Bennett recalled being told men in red ties were seen as more attractive more than two decades ago. And now we have terrific news to share! Dear male readers—the answer is YES!

You can (and perhaps should) wear red! New research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that a man in red can be just as attractive as a woman in red. “Simply wearing the color red or being bordered by the rosy hue makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women”. And if you are not bold enough to wear a red jacket in court, red ties work too!

Now, in this research, women were asked if they would like to have sex with men featured in the photos. We would recommend this not be your goal. They were also asked if they found the men attractive, or of “high status”. We know that being seen as attractive often boosts your likeability, your persuasiveness, and your influence on others.

And what about for you? “A man who wears red may feel dominant, which influences his self-confidence and behavior and in turn may impress women.”  Don’t focus on that part of the study where they talk about what works in the boardroom also working in the bedroom. This isn’t that sort of blog.

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